Here I will look at the different Football Manager player roles used in the tiki taka tactic and which key player attributes and traits aka player preferred moves you might need to improve the performance of the players in order to implement the tiki taka possession football at any club in Football Manager successfully. I will simply go through the player roles of tiki taka tactics highlighting their main responsibilities in and out of possession giving you the key attributes for the roles in order to replicate the positional system required to succeed with Passion4FM FM20 tiki taka tactic.

This article is an important read for anyone who have downloaded the Passion4FM Tiki Taka tactics and wants to get the most out of it. The screenshots of statistics included are taken from my current FM19 save at Auxerre, but shows you how the players will generally perform within the tactics and therefore point out necessary skills. Continue reading to learn more about the requirements of the player roles of Tiki Taka tactics and their behavior, movements and tendencies within this highly advanced tactical system, which is build on numerical superiority, compactness in additional to quality superiority.

Enjoy this read and remember to share our Barcelona tiki taka tactic to your community and with friends! Individual Training Player Attributes Link opens in a new window While I used a traditional Goalkeeper defend previously, due to some bugs in regard to his poor positioning, making it easy for the opponent to lob the ball over him, I have reverted to the most natural choice for FM20, the sweeper keeper support.

The sweeper keeper will be the mandatory choice for all tactical systems utilizing an high defensive line and looking to play the possession game. He will be as active in the retaining of possession as any other first team member and requires as great technical skills as specific goalkeeping abilities — like a more traditional goalkeeper.

Sweeper Keeper — In Possession: The sweeper keeper will be part of the build up play acting like the 11th outfield player, but not in the same manner as Manuel Neuer.

He will act as a pressure reliever for the central defenders and the wide wingbacks when building out of defense. Acting like a sweeper the goalkeeper will have the best vision on the field to anticipate play and aid the ball circulation forcing the opponent to move in order to create spaces to exploit.

His technical abilities in terms of passing will be of importance in order to continue the ball circulation in the defensive third.

invincible fm19 tactic 4141

A long ball will often go over the head of the wingbacks they will not be part of the play in terms of being a valuable asset in the horizontal stretching of the play. Sweeper Keeper — Out of Possession: Since I want to win back the ball as quickly as possible in the opposite half, and will play the majority of the match in the opponents half — close to their penalty box, it means that the sweeper keeper will spend most of the match watching the play.

His ability to concentrate and anticipate what might happen will often determine his performances when he needs to engage in play, either he has to rush out to swoop up long clearances or come out of his default area to pick up loose balls or imprecise counter attacking balls.

His abilities to intercept vertical passes in the first stage when losing possession and decision-making abilities to intervene or not, will be decisive. His quickness and bravery to rush out to narrow the angles for a shot on goal and his reflexes and agility as a shot stopper, in the same mould as Victor Valdes, are what I want. Depending on the opposition instructions you prefer; push the opponent to the sidelines to force them to take advantage of crosses into the penalty box, or force them infield where you look to intercept passes or block shots, it will determine which sweeper keeper abilities you put most focus on.

As a general rule of thumb I favor my sweeper keeper to have higher player attributes at:. Individual Training Central Defender — Defend Link opens in a new window The central defenders will be the third line of defense having the key job to project the center channel from shots and penetrating passes from zone 14 or simply look to regain possession by intercepting counter attacking balls or rushed long kicks because of the high pressure from the three forwards at the opposing defensive line.

The central defender will stay in line with the ball playing defender and primarily hold position at the half way line when play is in the final third. These two defenders should be positioned rather close to each other in order to force the opposite team to play around them rather than moving between them.

In possession they will provide depth in ball circulation giving them the chance to lay off passes and divert play from side to side.

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They must be capable and comfortable to utilize a quick short passing play under high amount of pressure — working under the rules of the modern central defenders. Central Defender — In Possession Since I prefer to play out of defense the passing length for the central defenders will be short — participating in the quick short passing play tiki taka is famous for; either by relieving pressure for the left wingback, the deep lying playmaker defend or as the primarily passing options for the goalkeeper because of the instructions to distribute the ball to the central defenders.

With full vision of the pitch and the players positioning they can easily change the point of attack by for example passing between the lines to the deep lying playmaker support or help to redirect the ball from the right wingback to the left. As the technical abilities with the ball are as important as their tactical abilities in terms of defending, a central defender of the tiki taka tactics can be related to a ball playing defender.

FM19 Brendan Rodgers 4-1-4-1 Setup at Leicester City

But here can adopt the role by applying traits like plays short simple passes. Central Defender Defend — Out of Possession: By selecting two defenders with defend duty I like it to be easy for the team to be able to push up in order to utilize offside traps. Since the defensive line is set extremely high at half way line which leaves a lot of space to be countered in, off side traps is first and foremost one part of play.

Their quickness acceleration and pace to deal with as quick forwards as themselves, and to be able close down, track their opponent and simply give opposing players less time on the ball will aid how quickly you regain possession and provide the security needed in order to play with a high defensive line. Another is their capabilities to man mark the opposing forward sgiving the player s less chance to turn with the ball.

With closing down much selected in player instructions and their natural high positioning it favors a tactical intelligent defender who can intercept passes and penetrating runs. The importance of anticipation and positioning in combination with the level of closing down lets you experience the most interceptions from the central defenders throughout the season and each specific match, something this screenshot illustrates.

As a tactical adept defender, the central defenders defend, will act more similar to a stopper duty, in my point of view, since their player instructions in terms of closing down will instruct them to push out of the line when an opponent enters his zone, which can be risky. Hopefully it lets you regain possession before the opponent reaches the final third. If play are directed down the sidelines the nearest central defender will have the important duty to cover the space behind or slightly to the side of the wingback.

If the play reaches the defensive third I aim to overload the zone 14 by a narrow formation with five players in the centerwho are closely connected. Here their ability to position themselves correctly, their ability to concentrate and their marking abilities will be mandatory in order to restrict passing options and deny spaces to exploit.Inverted wing-backs are often just seen as full-backs standing in central midfield.

An excuse to pass sideways. An excuse to bring natural full-backs out of position. An excuse to play 20, bleeding passes for the sake of it! However, believe it or not, using inverted wing-backs correctly can give your side an unrivalled attacking threat.

Why did the setting for Wbs to cut inside or sit narrower get removed, it gave another dimension than IWBs do right now. Looking for defenders to sit narrower and move wide with the ball, or opposite. As you can see, some people would rather have more variety in the standard wing-back options than use inverted wing-backs. This user raises some interesting points. In the clip below, as my centre-back Baugmartl drifts wide, my inverted wing-back darts inside:. However, roaming wing-back might be a better name for the role; when you build attacks, the inverted wing-back will get involved whenever possible.

You can set the defensive width to Narrow if you want your wing-back to sit narrower. As the user replied, even if your defensive line is set narrower, your wing-back will always be comparatively stuck out wide. Full-backs and wing-backs are the widest players on the pitch! If anything, it should be possible to set inverted wing-backs to either stay wide and cut inside, or stay inside and run wide. Essentially, inverted wing-backs would be better understood and utilised if they were understood as roaming wing-backs.

It would be an added bonus if you had more tactical choices when using them! Subject to the limitations I previously described, how the inverted wing-backs play depends on their duty and player instructions. It also depends on the rest of your tactical setup!

That might explain why you saw Matthias Bader make such an adventurous late run earlier. Therefore, this version of a supporting inverted wing-back just has positive instincts. Attacking inverted wing-backs have more fixed player instructions. As per the role description, the attacking inverted wing-back looks to adventurously support the attack. That enterprise is the purpose of his role.

In addition, teammates will hopefully have more space to run into. However, this brings a massive danger.Unbeatable Tactic FM19 edition is here! Our team with our leader — Nik made many tactics for Football Manager so far.

Here you will find many tactics our big guy made Nik FM. Among them, there is one we call unbeatable. We have played with a lot of teams, in a lot of leagues with it and it was absolutely astonishing. That means that with this tactic you will have great results, you will probably become unbeatable. There are just things that are impossible in this game.

With our unbeatable tactic, we have made some great results. You can check out our results with RB Leipzig on the image below. As you can see, Nik was unbeaten with it. Also, with many other clubs, there were awesome results.

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So these tactics are winning tactics, with great results in our tests. We tried to make tactics in many formations. We tried to make a lot of different tactics tiki-taka tacticsfor different leagues.

invincible fm19 tactic 4141

In the attack, you will have Advanced Forward. This tactic is modern, so many players from behind will be there in the attack. That is very important on a way to become unbeaten. As we said before there are many players from behind that join attack. There are also wingers that are up already. They are on a support duty but they have their special roles. They will come up much more and help your AF in attack. With their crosses, fast movements and dribbling you will watch eye-catching football.

Great addition to all of them is Mezala. Those defensive duties will be done by your CM Automatic that will be everywhere.

Up and down. Your DM will be your deepline-playmaker. So many players from midfield are joining the attack, right? He will make great passes and on that way, he will contribute your attack. That is the way many football managers make wins today. That is one of the reasons we have got our unbeatable FM19 tactic. Your DM should be good in defense. Also, we recommend you to get creative DM and no problems there.Marcelo Bielsa is an influential manager, well-known for his counter-pressing tactic.

His work at Leeds United has been a masterpiece. So, this post will focus on FM19 counter pressing tactic by Marcelo Bielsa, using the formation. I hope you find this post helpful. But, it has a weakness that needs consideration.

I decided to use this tactic exclusively with Hull City instead of Leeds United. The Argentine manager has used and formations at Leeds so far this season. But I am going to focus on the latter. I am going to jump into the three main parts of this tactic and talk about its features.

Because Marcelo employs the passing game, his attacking width is narrow. This brings the players together in order to enhance the flow of passes, and this makes look-for-underlap very effective. Then getting to the final third, the players on both left and right will look for a teammate making a run inside and beyond them — while playing on a lower tempo. This is how Leeds United play under Bielsa. If you watch Leeds goals this season, you will observe that most of their goals come from well-placed outside shots.

They tend to shoot on sight more often. Well, sometimes, in FM19, the AI may cause your players shoot abnormally, which is frustrating.

Best FM19 Tactics

Moreover, this tactic instructs the player to dribble less. And enabling be-more-expressive gives creative players the optimum freedom of operation. The Argentine tactician has an influencing counter pressing signature.

His team presses very hard to induce pressure on the opposition. When the sweeper keeper is in possession, he tries to slow pace down and mostly distributes to the centre-backs. To help pressurize the opponent greatly, the line of engagement of this tactic is much higher. Then, the defensive line moves much higher also, with a narrow defensive width.

However, in FM19, a higher defensive line might be a disadvantage when playing against a team good in counter-attack. The pressing intensity is extremely urgent and the team stays on feet while tackling, Use-offside-trap is also enabled in this tactic.

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This has been the role of Bailey Peacock-Farrell in real life. Here, I think Marcelo Bielsa combines two different centre-back roles — a hard-core defensive role with a bit confidence of playing with the ball and a creative defensive role.

The central defender role is the former while the latter is the ball playing defender role. This combination is really good, especially in this kind of tactic. The right wingback gets forward to support forward play more often than the left fullback, although they both have the support duty.

However, both roles stay narrow as instructed in order to recycle failed attacks when the ball comes to any of them.We are always looking for quality content creators, capable of producing insightful articles. Being published here means more exposure and recognition for you. Follow fmscout online.

More goals in first or second half

Sign In. FM Scout is the only community you can talk Football Manager in real time. Here are 10 reasons to join! Your content on FM Scout We are always looking for quality content creators, capable of producing insightful articles. Do YOU have what it takes? Top Free Agents on FM Absolute Best Coaches in FM Finished my first season with Everton and came 2nd, whilst making it to the FA Cup final. The Guardiola Inverting the Pyramid on here was the main formation I used, but this proved very successful against the bigger teams!

Tried him in the Anchor position in this formation and by Christ he's ruthless!

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Napoli Undefeated Follow Us YouTube Subscribe to our channel for insightful videos. Facebook Group Join the largest FM group. Facebook Page Like the most popular FM fansite page.

Twitter Follow the largest fansite. Steam Join our group for Steam chat. FMS Chat — Stam hey, just wanted to let you know that we have a fb style chat for our members.Therefore, I am going to use this post to share about his style of play. Since the Irish manager succeeded Claude Puel, the Foxes have been playing a different kind of game.

Their game is a bit more of possession-base so far. In FM19, we encountered such situation too — Jamie Vardy made the greatest impact while using this tactic. All the stats will be available later in this post. His setup makes use of the ML and MR positions, just like in a traditional formation.

In this structure, the striker is the only one in the frontline, having the optimum freedom to make runs. I will shed more light on the striker role later.

Since Rodgers took the hot seat, the team now uses the strategy of a patient build-up from the back. With the quality footwork of Schmeichel and the ball playing defenders, Leicester display an attractive display in terms of build-up. Leicester move the ball with diagonal short passes to break up opposition lines almost like in a classic tiki taka.

Sometimes the go direct, which is why I left the passing directness standard in FM However, getting this particular change of formation to work in FM19 was disappointing. This change will require the right back to take a defensive duty while the left-back gets an offensive role. Then, one of the MCs will take a defensive duty in order to draw back and join the DM to form a double pivot. But this was ineffective in FM19, so we made some changes. In real life, the change into can happen in two ways.

When the team attacks from the right, the left-back drops to form a 3-man defence with CDs while the right-back moves forward.

In another way, the left-back moves forward while the right-back stays back with the CDs when the team attacks from the left. And, they like using effective through balls or killer balls to break opposition defence in the final third. Leiceter usually defend in a sometimes in shape.

Possession FM19 Tactic - Beautiful Football in Football Manager 2019

Rodgers also uses the counter pressing system to win back possession. The Foxes press with more intensity under Brendan, but they can be aggressive on the opponent while trying to win the ball. Kasper Schmeichel has been the excellent attacking sweeper keeper in the team.

invincible fm19 tactic 4141

Just as we said in most of our tactics with ball playing defenders, the players with this BPD role have that ability to make intelligent passes that can generate effective attacking movements. And, they can carry the ball to break up the opposition first defensive line. However, at Leicester, with Brendan being pragmatic, the central defender role is often introduced to the team to instil a bit more physicality in the defence. Jonny Evans and Harry Maguire are comfortable ball playing defenders.

So, we decided to just give both of them the wingback role with the support duty. With this, both side-backs have the freedom to get forward when essential. A creative role that attacks less and defends more, and can still exhibit that required physicality, is what Brendan uses in the DM position.

The half-back role best describes this character.Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Articles New articles New comments Search articles. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum. Search Advanced…. Do you have a great tactic for FM19 that you want to share with everyone? Or simply browse our huge collection of top tactics from our great community to help you win the crucial match.

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